All you need to know about Google’s Penguin 4 algorithm update

Last month, Google released the long-awaited fourth version of the Penguin algorithm. The Penguin algorithm deals with artificial backlinks and their influence on the rankings of their ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Slingshot To Compete With Snapchat

Facebook is set challenge snapchat, with its own photo messaging application for mobile devices, called  Slingshot Snapchat, a photo messaging app for mobile devices,  the app allows ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft to Lunch Xbox One In China

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that its next-gen console will launch in China later this year. The Xbox One launch marks the first foreign company to sell its consoles in China after ... Continue Reading →

Facebook buys Oculus for $2billion

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg announced, on his Facebook page, that Facebook had acquired Oculus Rift developer Oculus VR. “I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed ... Continue Reading →

How to change your facebook password

Sign-in to your account. Click on “Settings” button located at the top right of the page. Go to the “General Account Settings” section. Click on the Edit button, ... Continue Reading →

How to clear your browsing history of PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 allows you to browse the internet via an integrated web browser. To clear your browsing history on your console, follow the below procedure: Open the Internet browser. Press ... Continue Reading →

How To Use Your iPhone as a USB key

The iPhone, like all other iOS devices offers a range of useful features (internet, games, GPS, telephony… ), By cons, the Apple brand deprives its devices from basic function: ... Continue Reading →

Sending a movie in an iPhone

Go to GOOGLE and search “Movies2iPhone” Then download Put a movie on your desktop Open Movies2iPhone Click on “movie to convert” Select the movie on your desktop Click ... Continue Reading →

Moving music files from a PC to an iOS device without cables or iTunes

How to transfer music from a PC to your iPhone or iPod touch with using a data cable or iTunes? FLAC Player + is an application that allows you to transfer music files from your PC ... Continue Reading →

How To View all your installed apps on iphone

A simple tip to view how many applications are installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! To get the list of all your installed apps do the following: Open the Spotlight search ... Continue Reading →
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