Samsung Unveil Its new Samsung S5

  In Barcelona at the Mobile World Conference that was held on Monday,  Samsung unveiled is newest and latest Samsung Galaxy S5.The most anticipated successor of of its Smartphone. The ... Continue Reading →

Chinese Space Technology a Super Program

With current  Chinese rover on the moon surface, roving like a rabbit, this is prove that the chinese is  gradually bridging the gap between them and the US in advance space technology ... Continue Reading →

Facebook has bought Whatsapp for $19billion

In what looks like an attempt for face book to hold its ground in the social media  world, Facebook has bought Whatsapp for $19billion.  This was made know by Mark, the founder of ... Continue Reading →

Isreali New Drone “Super Heron”

At the Singapore Air show, Isreal  show cased its lastest and newest drone called Super Heron. The Drone is designed  for medium  altitude long endurance. Features of the Drone: Advanced ... Continue Reading →

How to optimize multi-language websites

If you have a multi-language website it can be difficult to get high rankings in the respective countries. This article will help you to optimize your multi-user website so that your ... Continue Reading →

World Tech Billionaires Listing

Bill Gates Net Worth: $67 billion Bill Gates, the world’s most generous person, has already given more than $28 billion, but said in his fifth annual letter for the Bill & ... Continue Reading →

Apple cosplayer beats the rush, lines up for iPhone 6 seven months early

It’s been less than six months since the iPhone 5S went on sale here in Japan, but already Apple devotees are chomping at the bit to get their hands on an even newer model. ... Continue Reading →

Spain:Europe Missile Defence Shield

As part of the attempt and strategic defence  system, to protect and shield Europe  from a missile hit on its territory and population, the US   USS Donald Cook,  New class of missile ... Continue Reading →

More Release of NSA Request Data by Social Media

After reaching a transparency deal with the United States Justice Department last week, US tech firms Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook released new data about NSA ... Continue Reading →

3 Free Ways to Remotely Connect to Your Mac’s Desktop

Apple sells Apple Remote Desktop on the Mac App Store for $80, but you don’t have to spend any money to remotely connect to your Mac. There are free solutions — including one built ... Continue Reading →
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