Binary Matrix Security

Securing your data and protect your privacy on the internet

What’s the point of collecting data? The digital data collected are generally used in three ways: For targeted advertising. As part of a malicious operation (fraud or identity ... Continue Reading →

How to change your facebook password

Sign-in to your account. Click on “Settings” button located at the top right of the page. Go to the “General Account Settings” section. Click on the Edit button, ... Continue Reading →

Mac : How to Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

During a junk room cleaning session, I came across a bunch of older hard drives that I wanted to give away… but what if they have my personal data on them? The answer is to securely ... Continue Reading →

NSA SMS Scandal Surfaces

  Ahead of President Obama’s announcement on US policy, new information has surfaced about the US National Security Agency’s policies. The NSA claims that that the ... Continue Reading →

China New Hypersonic Missile Test

China has just surprise the world ,the United States and other western nations, including it Asia neigbours. The chinese military just tested its new hypersonic glide vehicle. With ... Continue Reading →

How to clear your browsing history of PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 allows you to browse the internet via an integrated web browser. To clear your browsing history on your console, follow the below procedure: Open the Internet browser. Press ... Continue Reading →

How To Use Your iPhone as a USB key

The iPhone, like all other iOS devices offers a range of useful features (internet, games, GPS, telephony… ), By cons, the Apple brand deprives its devices from basic function: ... Continue Reading →

How To Setup a static page as homepage in wordPress

Step 1: Go to wordPress dashboard Step 2: Click on settings Step3:  Click on reading   Related:  How To Edit Individual Page Permalink In WordPress   Step 4:  Next to ... Continue Reading →
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