New Apple Ipad Romour

On the heels of the release of a number of new Apple devices and iPads, rumors are already circulating of the next version of the popular tablet. Is Apple working on a 13in iPad? Rumors ... Continue Reading →

How To Change your Twitters password

If for some security reasons want to change your password for Twitter, follow these steps: Log-in to your account Twitter Click “Settings> Password” Enter your current ... Continue Reading →

Editing Individual Page Permalink In WordPress

Step1: Go to wordpress dashboard Step2: Click on edit post Step3:  Below post title is permalink of page below page title Step4:  Click on edit and change Step5:  Click on ok and ... Continue Reading →

How to set the default language for Google products

To select the default language for Google products, follow the below procedure: Open your browser and connect to https://www.google.com. Sign-in to your Google account. At the bottom ... Continue Reading →

How To Disable location services under MacOSX

To disable this feature under MacOSX, follow the below procedure: The procedure is quite simple: Click on the Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Go to ... Continue Reading →

Sending a movie in an iPhone

Go to GOOGLE and search “Movies2iPhone” Then download Put a movie on your desktop Open Movies2iPhone Click on “movie to convert” Select the movie on your desktop Click ... Continue Reading →

Moving music files from a PC to an iOS device without cables or iTunes

How to transfer music from a PC to your iPhone or iPod touch with using a data cable or iTunes? FLAC Player + is an application that allows you to transfer music files from your PC ... Continue Reading →

How To reset your iPhone network settings

To clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network configuration, networks and VPN settings, Wi-Fi passwords… of your iPhone, follow the below procedure: From the Homescreen go ... Continue Reading →

How To View all your installed apps on iphone

A simple tip to view how many applications are installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! To get the list of all your installed apps do the following: Open the Spotlight search ... Continue Reading →

How Set MacOSX a default display resolution

To manually configure your display resolution under MacOSX, follow the below procedure: Click on the Apple menu > System Preferences Go to the Hardware section > Displays. The ... Continue Reading →
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