How to connect to a wireless network in Microsoft Surface 2

To connect your Microsoft Surface 2 to a wireless network, follow the below procedure: From the home screen, swipe from the right edge. Go to Settings and on the Wireless Network ... Continue Reading →

Adding Facebook messenger to Firefox

To enable this feature: First open Firefox and go to this link:https://www.facebook.com/about/messenger-for-firefox Sign-In with your Facebook account and click on the “Turn ... Continue Reading →

How To Create animated gifs out of your pictures

GIFyourself allows you to create funny animated gifs out of your pictures. The principle of use is quite simple: Select your GIF. Upload a photo of yourself. Crop your face and it ... Continue Reading →

How To Make “Reply-all” my default response in Outlook.com

To enable this option under Outlook.com, follow the below procedure: Sign-in to Outlook.com. Click on Settings > More Mail settings. Go to Reading email > Reply Settings Under “Do ... Continue Reading →

How To Check Your Feedburner Email List

Go to> www.feedburner.com   Log in your> Id and Password     Go to>  my feed   Go to my feed title> click on your feed title name Click on ... Continue Reading →

How to record a video with your webcam

The webcam is not simply a tool for video conferencing on Skype or Google Hangouts. You can record video and make a short movie with it. Some free software Upon installing the drivers ... Continue Reading →

A new Google filter that can lead to a manual action penalty

Google has introduced a new spam filter that can lead to a manual action penalty of your website. If the images that visitors see on your website are not the same images that Google ... Continue Reading →

HP Chromebook 11 Laptops Sale Has Been Stopped Due To Overheating

Google and HP decided to halt sales, at least for now, on the Chromebook 11 after owners complained about overheating broken chargers. Since the devices were pulled from sale, the ... Continue Reading →

Google ad revenue trumps entire newspaper and magazine industries $60 billion

Google is now bigger than both the magazine and newspaper industries combined. Google will make an estimate of $60  billion this year in ads, making Google the single biggest ads company ... Continue Reading →

Justin Bieber-backed Selfie App Launches

Despite the bad press surrounding Justin Bieber these days, Shots of Me, which is financially backed by the pop star, launched today. The app, Shots of Me, is looking to cash in on ... Continue Reading →
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