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Settle – mobile payments and a loyalty scheme in one app

What is settle? Combining mobile payments and a loyalty scheme in one app, Settle makes it possible to both order and pay through a smartphone. The app displays the menu and allows ... Continue Reading →

App: Spotify free on Windows Phone

Spotify finally updated its windows phone app, to address an important missing featured The new upgrade will allow free ad support streaming. The new upgrade are seen by many to put ... Continue Reading →

How You Need to promote your mobile app

Often complementary to the company’s web site, a mobile application can be a significant marketing and communication asset. It be used as a medium for the presentation of products ... Continue Reading →

Is HTTPS really necessary to get high rankings on Google?

Last week, Google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal. According to Google, websites that use HTTPS might get a small ranking boost. Is this ranking boost relevant and what do you ... Continue Reading →

Five ways to inadvertently keep Google from indexing your website

It might be that you’re blocking Google without knowing it. That means that Google won’t index all the pages of your website. In this article, you’ll learn how to ... Continue Reading →

Beveragewala Take On The Huge Tea and Coffee Market

Beveragewala, as the name suggests, is your online provider of premium beverages, particularly teas and coffees, right at your doorstep in India. We feel that with India opening ... Continue Reading →

IRentShare lets people rent/ share goods within Communities

What is IRentShare? IRentShare is creating sharing communities in trustable networks like Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Housing Societies, Cultural Organizations and Neighborhoods. ... Continue Reading →

Intel Acquires LSI’s Axxia Networking for $650M

On Wednesday, Intel announced that it has signed a deal with Avago Technologies Limited to acquire LSI’s Axxia Networking Business. Intel has agreed to spend $650 million in ... Continue Reading →

Removing the Navlinks adware on Mac OS

Symptoms of infection: Text (words) on webpages are highlighted in green (with double underlines). Resetting your browser won’t be enough to get rid of the parasite extension. Disinfection ... Continue Reading →

Swiss Watch Maker Now Apple Sales Director

According to a report from CNBC, Apple has hired the sales director of TAG Heuer to help with the launch of its much anticipated iWatch. This new hire was confirmed by the head of ... Continue Reading →