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How to use internal links to improve your search engine rankings

The links from other websites are a very important signal for Google’s ranking algorithms. The links on your own website also influence the position of your web pages in Google’s ... Continue Reading →
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$949 iphone 6 #Giveaway

Carrying its legacy, Apple has retained its finger print scanner or sensor built into its home button that will be proving more secure for online payments, as company also introduced ... Continue Reading →

Azorly – helping your business to get a Positive Feedback

What is Azorly? Azorly is a Feedback as a Service platform helping your Business to ask for customer reviews and feedbacks with ease: online, offline and mobile friendly. Your Business ... Continue Reading →

Introducing the new social media inbox monitor

We have just released the brand-new social media inbox monitor. The social media inbox monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to keep track of conversations about your company and your ... Continue Reading →

CMS2CMS Makes Website Migration Accessible for Everyone

Truth be told, choosing the wrong content management system (CMS) may have a negative impact on your web project for years and cost you a fortune and time to rectify. Therefore, it ... Continue Reading →

Expect Apple iwatch Lunch Soonest

There are expectation that Apple will lunch it iwatch on sept 9 along side the iphone 6, this year. the iwatch is actually designed to form a circular shape and sleek. . it was actually ... Continue Reading →

Baidu jab at Google Glass

In what is now like a competitive market moves, Chinese internet giant Baidu has unveil its own google glass version. The wearable tech device is called Baidu Eye.   it was publicly ... Continue Reading →

Settle – mobile payments and a loyalty scheme in one app

What is settle? Combining mobile payments and a loyalty scheme in one app, Settle makes it possible to both order and pay through a smartphone. The app displays the menu and allows ... Continue Reading →

App: Spotify free on Windows Phone

Spotify finally updated its windows phone app, to address an important missing featured The new upgrade will allow free ad support streaming. The new upgrade are seen by many to put ... Continue Reading →

How You Need to promote your mobile app

Often complementary to the company’s web site, a mobile application can be a significant marketing and communication asset. It be used as a medium for the presentation of products ... Continue Reading →